Wednesday, June 07, 2017

PS3 Six-Axis Controller with Qjoypad and Mageia6

The Linux kernel supports the PS3 Six-Axis controller out of the box. The trick now seems to be configuring it to work with your games.

Mageia provides the qjoypad tool which allows you to create "profiles" that map out the Six-Axis buttons switches and joysticks to keyboard keys which are mapped to you game. It does not provide pre-configured profiles.

It is a shame that there is no repository of profiles. As I construct profiles for the games I enjoy, I will make them available below.

Rather than futz with Bluetooth connectivity (since my PC does not have Bluetooth capabilities), I have settled for connection with a USB cable. Once connected, just press the PS button and the controller is recognized.

For Mageia, the device inputs are located in /dev/input. There you will find events 0-14, js0 and js1.

Before beginning, you should read the well-written documentation.


Sixaxis Wikipedia Page

qjoypad Sourceforge Page

QJoyPad 3 Documentation

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