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Configuring urpmi-proxy for Mageia

Not much has been mentioned about urpmi-proxy for Mageia. In theory, urpmi-proxy works as a local proxy for a Mageia repository. You set it as the source repository for all your machines and it downloads and distributes only what packages you need. For the most part, little configuration is needed "out of the box". It is configured by default to use the existing repositories that are already configured on the host/server machine but as pointed out, this creates a recursive loop should you update the server itself. The Wiki docs explain how to circumvent this issue. There are other package management systems available from Mageia, notably dnf which will become the standard system only after the Mageia build system, dependent on urpmi, can be translated to dnf .  Configuring the Server Simply invoke $ sudo urpmi urpmi-proxy And this will also install the apache webserver, which is used to serve the files to your other machines. Then restart Apache. $ sudo systemctl res