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schroot for Mageia

To easily manage single or multiple chroot environments, schroot , a sophisticated and highly flexible change-root management tool, may be employed. I'm most interested in first using schroot to test beta versions of Crossover. Chroot jails are commonly employed to add an additional level of security to some Linux services like ftp or http servers. If an attacker gains control of the server, he is trapped in the chroot jail and cannot easily harm the entire system. As well, chroot is often employed in a "rescue" mode where Linux is launched from a DVD of CD and the damaged root filesystem is run from a chroot environment to make repairs easier. To see how a chroot environment for Mageia is created, refer to the Chroot HOWTO in the Mageia Wiki. Mageia appears to have incorporated schroot from Debian because it makes for building and testing RPMs easier when they also use iurt . Since schroot was initially developed on Debian systems, much of the technical inform