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Setting up a TOR Relay on Mageia6

The Onion Router (TOR) is not a server frequently run by most Linux users, especially North American users. Many countries actively persecute their citizens for their beliefs and anonymity is important for their safety, so I wanted to participate in the effort to assist this project by running a TOR relay server. I have a dedicated computer that runs a webserver for a hobby site, so I felt that it would be the logical hardware to run the TOR server. It is important for TOR to have access to the correct and accurate time, so the NTP client needs to be installed and configured for your timezone. Configure the NTP Server $ xsudo drakwizard ntp and follow the instructions here  to install and configure it. You can launch X-applications over ssh using xsudo . Install the TOR Application $ sudo urpmi tor This will also install the SOCKS proxy software. You may also install a GUI configuration tool, vidalia . We won't be using vidalia , so it won't be covered here. How