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Fun With Mail Headers

Microsoft Outlook looks for a special email header, X-Message-Flag, and if found, will display a message to the user in the message dialog along with a red flag. If you mail client (MUA) permits the creation of custom headers, you can create an X-Message-Flag header and assign some arbitrary text string to it. Only users of Microsoft's Outlook will see the message.

Some of the messages are funny, some pro-Linux, some anti-Microsoft, some informative, some just stupid. A few example messages are:

Warning: Outlook transmits Viruses! Upgrade to Linux Now!
Using Microsoft software might be a security risk.
If you can read this, you're too close!
Message text blocked: VIOLATION OF US 1201(a)(3)
Warning: message not sent with a DRM-Certified client User-Agent.Warning: Your mail program does not comply with RFC 1855.
Magic 8-Ball says Outlook Not Good.
Outlook : A program designed to spread viri, but it can do mail too.Linux : The choice of a GNU generation.OUTLOOK
ERROR: Large chicken fea…