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HOWTO Install the ownCloud Server on Mageia5

It appears that "the cloud" is the popular buzzword now. All cloud computing is is a remote file server where you can store, access, share and manipulate your files. While several commercial services are available, it's possible to create your own cloud service using the ownCloud software. As with any powerful server software, it's not out-of-the-box easy, but with some preparation and understanding, it's not that difficult. Most of this HOWTO is Mageia-specific; a lot of the configuration details are enumerated at the ownCloud website documents . We're installing ownCloud on a minimal Mageia4 virtual machine using VirtualBox just to go through the process. There is no X-server, so it's all done on the command line. Mageia5 documentation, installation discs and Errata can be found here . Part One -- Installing the Apache Webserver We must begin by installing the Apache webserver. It's certainly possible to use alternative webservers, but Apac