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DOS4GW.EXE Version 2.01a and Alternative DOS Extenders

DOS4GW.EXE The Tenberry DOS extender DOS4GW.EXE was used by many early DOS games. I still enjoy playing many of these games and DOS4GW.EXE is usable with DOSBox , so they can be played on Linux. However, the version of DOS4GW.EXE that was included with the game was whatever was current at the time. The most recent version that includes many bugfixes that possibly affected the games when used with DOSBox have been fixed in the latest version, 2.01a. It's not free at US$49, but you can downloaded it here . Simply substitute it for whatever version of DOS4GW.EXE your game provided and enjoy the bug-fixed goodness. Tenberry also makes a "high-performance" "pro" version of DOS4GW.EXE, but it costs $300. I think that they could sell quite a few of these to hobby users (since, you know, DOS is dead) for US$5. Open Souce to the Rescue There are better performing, free and Open Source alternatives available and worth a look. DPMI Explained Let's unders

Mandriva urpmi

Mageia linux package management has added some enhancements to their urpmi tool. One of the newest is the ability to remove 'orphaned' packages from the system. Orphans are rpm packages that were installed as a dependency for some other package and said other package has been removed, but the orphan remains. The canonical source of information about urpmi can be found at the Mageia Wiki . The file /var/lib/rpm/installed-through-deps.list contains a list of packages installed indirectly and the package manager uses this list to determine 'orphans' when the follow command is run to remove orphans: # urpme --auto-orphans If you run that command and the list of orphans is incorrect (it wants to remove packages that you know should not be uninstalled), the fix is simple. Just edit the file /var/lib/rpm/installed-through-deps.list and remove the names of the packages you don't consider 'orphans'. Re-running the command to remove orphans should now sh

nail, mailx, and Gmail

UPDATED 2017-11-11 I'm setting up a web server for my business and I need to email error messages and notifications to myself so I can keep track of things, but I don't have a sendmail or postfix installation for my domain and DO NOT want to futz with that since it's just overkill for what I need. Thankfully, a minimal mail user agent is installed with Mageia (and likely in many more variants of Linux as part of their base package) called mailx (this was formerly called nail , which explains the names of a few files). The system-wide configuration file is located at /etc/nail.rc . Each user can have a ~/.nailrc file, but since my server is running headless, I put everything in /etc/nail.rc . As well, you can put per-user modifications in the more common ~/.mailrc . There seems to be a general problem for people getting mailx to work with Gmail. Here's what I did: 1. Make sure that POP is enabled in your Gmail Settings. 2. Add the following to /etc/nail