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Installing Zoom Videoconferencing for Mageia Linux.

Zoom is a popular, if somewhat insecure, videoconferencing application in wide use. It does offer Linux support, just not for Mageia7. However, if you head over to the Zoom Linux download page , and access the Download center for Fedora 21+, you can install the appropriate 32- or 64-bit RPM package which will install all the correct dependencies and Zoom will work on your Mageia7 system! Back on the site's Zoom Overview page, there is adequate help to get you started with the app itself. I'm using an older Logitech USB camera and had it working with cheese , a good way to test out your hardware. If you have video/audio issues, get them worked out before you install Zoom. That kind of hardware troubleshooting is beyond the scope of this short article. Remember that  Google Is Your Friend . There are some FOSS alternatives to Zoom , but unless you're just videoconferencing with your Linux buddies, you'll probably be forced to use Zoom. Google Meet seems to be po