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Using Clonezilla to Back Up a Windows Drive

I was asked by my daughter to build a MS Windows computer that she could use for her work-from-home job. Normally, I would have provided a Linux workstation, but her job required software that was Windows-only. I put together a  Shuttle XS35 computer that included two hard drives, one for Windows and one for Linux on which I installed Windows7 and Mageia6 respectively. No matter how much I warn her and no matter how much anti-virus software is installed, she will install some application or browse a web page that will install some manner of malware. Rather than spend hours trying to remove it, I figured it would be easier to simply restore a properly-configured Windows7 installation from a backup image of her hard drive. Clonezilla is a partition and disk imaging/cloning program similar to Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image and is available as FOSS. Supporting a variety of file systems, Clonezilla can archive Linux, MS Windows, Mac OS and the BSDs. It is also part of DRBL, Disk