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Showing posts from December 11, 2010

Going Postal with Postal2

I have always enjoyed computer games that are out of the ordinary. Postal2 by Running With Scissors is certainly that. It is both amusing and offensive in a very politically incorrect way, featuring Gary Coleman, the Taliban and dead cow heads. At , I am in the process of documenting how to install and run the game on a Linux computer as well as run the win32-only 1409X version of the dedicated Postal2 server. The site is also providing me with experience in site development using SSI ( Server Side Includes ) and Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS ). UPDATE I have no made any progress other than to realize that the 1409X version can only run well under MS Windows, so it looks like a VirtualBox WindowsXP instance would do the trick, but my webserver lacks the computing power to do that, so it looks like I'm waiting on a hardware upgrade to move forward.