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Archiving and Storage Options for the Home

A few of my friends have been discussing archiving their files "in the Cloud" and other options. Using one of the "free" services is always an option, but there are limits on space for free and adding storage capacity can be expensive. Of course, archiving and data storage are very important to most business and there is a huger market for providing those services. While these solutions are overkill for the home, they can provide good examples of how it should be done. If your personal data is important enough to archive, it is important to insure that the backup will always be available and be free of corruption. Therefore, you should: 1. Have multiple copies of your data 2. Keep copies in multiple safe locations 3. Always test your backups The kind of data you want to archive can help in the decision of how best to archive it. For example, family photos would be data that would suggest multiple backups for protection against loss, but not on media that