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Quake4 for Modern Linux

The game will install using Crossover, using the following recipe: Select an "unlisted app", select the setup.exe program from the installation folder, create a Windows7 bottle, at the fourth tab, add 'DirectX for modern games' and then begin the installation. Everything shoudl go smoothly from there on, but it might take a while. Start the game and get to the first checkpoint to generate an autosave. Quit the game and install the full v-1.42 Full Patch for Windows ; you can skip all the intermediary updates. You can installed 'saved games' to access all the maps. You can also install hires textures . This game is new enough to install without too much fuss. Just follow the HOWTOs. Download the Linux installer from [the very slow, but  it's free!!] IdSoftware or from here (faster). There is a Linux update as well found here . Because it is older, the Linux version may present some installation issues on your system, so check out the Quake4 FAQ/HOW

Burning 25GB M-Discs in Linux

The popular GUI DVD-authoring apps like K3B and Brasero, do not support burning ISO images in sizes greater than 4GB, which is odd, since they can detect the discs and can create an ISO image greater than 4GB. Please recognize that "4.7GB" is sleazy marketing misrepresenting GigaBytes, i.e. 1000  and not 1024. If translated to actual capacities, single layer DVD±R[W] capacity is only 4.4GB, and 26GB BluRay Disc is actually 23.3GB. Keep this in mind when creating your ISO images to burn manually. I purchased a Blue-Ray writer (an LG-brand Hitachi Model WP40NB30 )  hoping to use the 25GB M-Discs to archive some of the files I have accumulated spread out over several computers. Fortunately, the growisofs tool comes to the rescue, so from the command line, I just execute as a regular user: $ growisofs -speed=1 -Z /dev/sr1=big-image.iso I need the lower speed to keep from prematurely emptying the buffer which borks the disc. Although older, this page provides plenty