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HOWTO Configure a Headless Transmission Torrent Server for Mageia5

This will describe how to install and configure the Transmission torrent application on Mageia5 in a headless configuration, how to make it automatically download torrents by placing a .torrent file in a particular directory and admin the client remotely using both a cli (command line interface) and a GUI (graphical user interface) application. Transmission has both a Homepage ,  a Wiki and a Forum , so there's no lack of help and support. But as for installing it as a headless server on Mageia, all we found were HOWTOs for Debian/Ubuntu systems. We're assuming that you have Mageia5 installed and have configured your user to use the sudo command. INSTALL Begin by installing the transmission daemon and the command-line client. $ sudo urpmi transmission-daemon transmission-cli This installs  transmission-daemon, transmission-cli and transmission-common (which is mostly the documentation). All the binaries will be found in /usr/bin . The transmission package also