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Adding Editors to GQView

GQView is an image browser that can easily be configured to use external applicatin to extend its functionality. In "Edit > Preferences > Editors" there are ten entries that can be used to identify and enter the command strings. GQView provides a few macros to assist you: Macro Description %f Inserts list of selected files, may occur only once. %p Command is executed once for each selected file, may occur multiple times. %v Display result of the command in an output window, must occur as the first two characters. %V Displays output window when multiple files are selected. Make Mirror Images By default, Editors 9 and 10 allow you to rotate jpeg images clockwise or counterclockwise using the jpegtran application, part of the jpeg tools . It would be nice to also flip the images to a mirror image. Add to, for example, Editor 8: Mirror Image %vif jpegtran -flip horizontal -copy all -outfile %p_tmp %p; then mv %p_tmp %p;else rm %p_tmp;fi A