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rsyslogd for Mageia6

I've been having trouble with occasional segfaults with my desktop workstation. It would be nice to look at the logs to see where the problem might be, but the logs show nothing. It might be easier, I thought, if I enabled remote logging. That way I would have a copy of the desktops' logs on a working computer, a Shuttle X35 I use as a http server running lighttpd , serving static pages for several hobby-related websites. Installing rsyslog was easy using urpmi . It was the configuration that was tricky. The configuration file for Mageia is kept in /etc/rsyslog.d and consists of a single file, 00_common.conf . The modules that can be called by rsyslog can be found in /usr/lib64/rsyslog . The man page states: The main configuration file /etc/rsyslog.conf or an alternative file, given with the -f option, is read at startup. Any  lines  that  begin  with the hash mark (``#'') and empty lines are ignored. If an error  occurs during parsing the error element is i