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Creating TASK-* RPMs for Mageia: task-codeweavers-essentials

A task-*.rpm package is a metapackage, a special type of package that installs other RPM packages that are delineated as dependencies of the task-*.rpm. They contain no actual data, they just cause the system to install  other RPM packages as directed.

There is a need to create such a package to compliment the installation of Codeweaver's crossover application. As explained in another post, Mageia is a distro unsupported by Codeweavers and has different names for the needed dependencies that are provided by Mageia. Rather than struggle through a long list of packages to install, it would be easier to invoke

$ sudo urpmi task-crossover-essentials

and be done with it.

The first step to create such a package is to build the .spec file. I chose to modify an existing .spec file, so I started with the .spec file from task-lxde. It is shown below.

 Name: task-lxde
Version: 7
Release: %mkrel 1
Epoch: 1
Summary: Metapackage for lxde
Group: Graphical desktop/Other
License: GPL