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Halo: Combat Evolved for Modern Linux

Halo: Combat Evolved is a first-person shooter produced by Bungie for Microsoft. The game runs well under WINE, but it won't install unless you first put mfc42.dll in C:\Windows\System32.

I used Codeweaver's Crossover to install the game. Before the actual installation begins, make sure you have copies  mfc42.dll to C:\Windows\System32 or the game will not install.

Once done, you can install the updates, Patch-108 (the no-cd patch) and Patch-110 (removes and replaces Game-Spy servers plus several fixes).

And finally, install msxml6, the Microsoft XML Parser  to have the game display text.

You can also download a full set of saved games. This allows you to play and level rather than forcing you to work your way through each mission.

There's a nice tutorial by Benjamin7 at HaloWaypoint that details a generic WINE install and provides a nice startup script. He also provides install instructions for creating custom maps.

The source for many things about Halo:CE is at PC Gamin…