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lsscsi and systool

The lspci and lsusb commands are familiar to me, but lsscsi was unfamiliar. Written by Doug Gilbert, it provides information about SCSI devices by scanning the sysfs pseudo file system. The author maintained a web page (now defunct) that provided useful information about lsscsi, including some detailed descriptions of the SCSI subsystem information available. Fortunately, a copy resides here . Here's a sample listing from my system That also shows the generic SCSI device names (note that command can be run as a regular user) : $ lsscsi -g [0:0:0:0] disk ATA ST3250624A 3.AA /dev/sda /dev/sg0 [0:0:1:0] disk ATA Maxtor 6L200P0 BAH4 /dev/sdb /dev/sg1 [1:0:0:0] disk ATA Maxtor 6Y250P0 YAR4 /dev/sdc /dev/sg2 [1:0:1:0] cd/dvd HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GH22LP20 1.02 /dev/sr0 /dev/sg3 [2:0:0:0] disk Seagate FreeAgent 102D /dev/sdd /dev/sg5 [3:0:0:0] cd/dvd SONY DVD RW DRU-810A 1.0a /dev/sr1 /dev/sg4 [4:0: