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Adding Older Versions of Magia to Your Repos

 The Mageia Wiki for URPMI contains useful information in the section titled  Copying CD or a DVD to a home directory and using the copy in urpmi . Before starting, download the appropriate Magia DVD. Since we are not using the kernel or any system files from these earlier distros, it's not necessary to also obtain all the updates. Here are the download links for Mageia7 x86_64 / i586 and Mageia8 x86_x64 / i586 . Method #1 - Mageia Wiki Method First, make directories for each release and each architecture you will be using directory somewhere convenient. Mageia suggests placing them under /home/uid/repo/ . Then, copy the   x86_64/media and/or i586/media directories from the DVD there. For each directory, you will need to create the hdlist that urpmi requires, change to that directory and run: $ sudo genhdlist2 Then add the media you just installed with: $ sudo urpmi.addmedia --distrib NameOfMedia file://home/uid/repo Now, it's as simple as using urpmi to install the desired