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Unreal Tournament 3 Arena for Modern Linux

Unreal Tournament 3 Arena  , the successor to Unreal Tournament 2004, was intended to have a Linux release , but that was late arriving. The Linux installer is on DISC3. If you want to run the Linux installer, you have some lying to do. Mount UT3 DISC3 and change to that directory and ' sudo su ' to root. Then enter: # export SETUP_LIBC=glibc-2.1 # linux32 ./ Scroll through the license agreement and agree to it. Since you are running as root, you can install the game in /usr/local . If you want it installed only for your use, change the paths presented to you, like ~/games and ~/bin . Choose the base install and pass on the server install (unless you really want to install the server rather than the client ... but that's another post). Don't go wild and install all the optional drivers (maybe you have a Voodoo video card handy that you want to use, more old-school power to you). Just answer no to that stuff. Why? Why, indeed. Now you get to read the

Installing cheat on Mageia6

Tecmint recently ran an article about a new way to obtain information about an application using cheat , an open-source interactive cheat-sheet  application. What the application does is provide a means of showing examples for a command. If none exist in the cheat database, cheat creates a blank cheat file in that name and opens it in a text editor of your choice so that you may add examples. Instructions for installing it on "Linux Systems" assumes that "Linux" means "Debian" or "Redhat". Please read the article linked above and follow the installation instructions below to install cheat on Mageia6. Mageia6 offers the choice of Python version 2 and Python version 3. Since cheat uses version 2, we'll be installing the version 2 python files. Python will already be installed on Mageia6, but if it is not, install it. Install Python: # urpmi python Install Pip: # urpmi python-pip Install the dependencies for cheat: # urpmi pyth

HOWTO Install Word Perfect 5.1, a DOS Application, using Crossover

Codeweaver's Crossover, now at version 18, does an excellent job of making most MS Windows applications run reliably on a modern Linux installation.DOS But what if you have an old DOS-based game or application? Crossover doesn't do DOS in a way that enables it to run these old DOS applications and the smart money is on installing and using DOSBox as a native Linux application and running those apps from there. Using it is pretty straightforward, but you must read the documentation to get started. But if you just installed the native Linux version of DOSBox you would miss out on several very nice features of Crossover such as easily accessing the apps from your desktop menu, and being able to archive and restore the DOS application. You can do all of this without Crossover, but if you use Crossover for Windows apps, it would be nice to use Crossover with DOS apps. Fortunately, Crossover does offer and easy way to install the Windows version of DOSBox. You can also add