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32-bit WINE on 64-bit Mageia6

Any Windows application that I want to use with WINE will be a win32 binary, so the installation of 64-bit WINE is not necessary or useful. Since the 32-bit repositories are included with a 64-bit install, I just need to select the i586 versions of the following: q4wine wine wine-gecko wine-mono wine32 I also install winetricks by downloading it from $ cd ~/bin $ wget  $ chmod +x winetricks And also install the 32-bit version of Zenity because winetricks expects to see it. Winetricks is a handy tool and makes dealing with. NOTE: I has a problem with q4wine in that when I installed it with urpmi, it did not install its dependencies and would not launch; I reported it as a bug. At this forum post at, user  JudasIscariot has a description of a  Mini Git Wine tutorial to compile and run WINE . While it's not necessary to compile and install WINE by this method since the packa

Unreal2 on Modern Linux

Unreal 2: The Awakening was not a popular game. It launched on February 3rd, 2003 with only a single-player mode when on-line multiplayer demonstrated in Unreal Tournament was the  the hot new thing. Although a one-game multiplayer mode was added, Unreal2 just never caught on. It does offer a good story-mode single, player experience and a pretty attractive female sidekick. Unreal2 also has no native Linux binaries and must be run with some version of WINE. The current version of Unreal2 offered by can be run using WINE , PlayOnLinux or Crossover. Install it into a Win7 bottle. Before You Start Before you launch the game the first time, delete all of the *.con files you find in the /Music sub-directory. These are containers for the looping music that is played in the background and for whatever reason, they are not supported in the game. If you leave them in place, you can open the configuration menus, but launching the game will fail. You can download .mp3 version of