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BIOS Update for a Linux Computer

Most hardware will need a BIOS update at some time and it's relatively easy to do. When you use Linux, however, you face an additional hurdle since occasionally upgrading the BIOS requires an installer that only works using Windows. Of course, no one wants to install a full Microsoft Windows OS just to spend less than 30 seconds to update the BIOS, then turn around and re-install Linux. What if we could boot into Windows using a CD-ROM and run the win32 BIOS update program using that? Check out FalconFour's Ultimate Boot CD . The best source for it is his Facebook page or his Wordpress page . Those pages provide a link to download it via torrent or a direct link. The current version is v4.61. Simply boot into the WindowsXP environment and run the BIOS installation program. It's that easy. In my case, I was updating the BIOS of an HP 1120NR notebook.