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Use Virtualbox to mount drives and transfer data for Tivo Disk Upgrades

I have a Linux-based workstation that is already configured for my needs, but I also needed to replace the disk drive on my Tivo Series 3 (Model TCD652160) using MFSTools 3.2, which is a Linux-based OS designed to copy/create the new Tivo drive. The OS of the Tivo3/HD limits the maximum size of the drive to 2TB. It appears that the Romio has a 6TB limit. Details and download links for MSFTools 3.2 can be found at this link to the MFSTools discussion at . The images were created with OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 and the available images there are: MFSTools 3.2 ISO   Live ISO MFSTools 3.2 USB/HD   Use dd in Linux or something like HDD Raw Copy Tool in Windows to copy the uncompressed file to a USB or hard drive. MFSTools 3.2 VHD   For use in Hyper-V . MFSTools 3.2 VMX   For use in VMware/VirtualBox. This method is pretty simple if you have a dedicated machine. Just install the disk drives as hda/sda and hdb/sdb and use your CD drive at hdc/sdc , but I don't have