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Use Virtualbox to mount drives and transfer data for Tivo Disk Upgrades

I have a Linux-based workstation that is already configured for my needs, but I also needed to replace the disk drive on my Tivo Series 3 (Model TCD652160) using MFSTools 3.2, which is a Linux-based OS designed to copy/create the new Tivo drive. The OS of the Tivo3/HD limits the maximum size of the drive to 2TB. It appears that the Romio has a 6TB limit.

Details and download links for MSFTools 3.2 can be found at this link to the MFSTools discussion at The images were created with OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 and the available images there are:
MFSTools 3.2 ISOLive ISOMFSTools 3.2USB/HDUse dd in Linux or something like HDD Raw Copy Tool in Windows to copy the uncompressed file to a USB or hard drive.MFSTools 3.2 VHDFor use in Hyper-V.MFSTools 3.2 VMXFor use in VMware/VirtualBox. This method is pretty simple if you have a dedicated machine. Just install the disk drives as hda/sda and hdb/sdb and use your CD drive at hdc/sdc, but I don't have that luxury.

The MFSTools comman…