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Icons for Your system

One annoyance with gaming in Linux is the lack of an icon for MS Windows apps that run under WINE or Cedega. The Icon Archive is a resource for some game icons as well as icons images for other things. Mageia (and other distros) provides the png2ico application, useful if you want to convert a .png image to .ico format for use as favicon.ico for your website. Mageia (and other distros) provides the icoutils package which contains two utilities:  icotool will convert and create win32 icon and cursor files and  wrestool will extract icon resources from MS Windows binaries. The man page for wrestool outlines the process for extracting icons from win32 binaries. WineIcons "... is a Win32 program for Wine, that allows you to extract icons form ICO, EXE and DLL files and save them in PNG format. It is useful for KDE-like icons creation. WineIcons can be easily integrated into your Linux system." If you need a free win32 app to extract icon files, @icon sushi is