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Showing posts from April 9, 2010

Dirty Stacey Needs Registry Cleaner 5.4

I write this blog to keep track of things that interest me. I don't expect anybody to ever read it and, based on the volume of comments left here, nobody does. That, or I've nailed the subject so well that there is just nothing left to say about it. Well, imagine my surprise when I got an email message from the lovely Stacy Jeanne, a Tech Writer (it's in caps, so it must be a real job Mom!) with Digeus, Inc [sic] (that notation is there because the Editor for Digeus, Inc. was out at the moment and did not have the opportunity to correct Ms. Jeanne's egregious punctuation error). Here's what our paragon of tech writing had to say: Could you please write a short review or place a link bellow (sic) to Digeus Registry Cleaner 5.4.49596 on your blog? I will give you a full-time license in exchange. (emphasis added) Registry Cleaner You may place this link alone without description or on existing post or create new post with a short description (language and t