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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault on Modern Linux

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault contains the original MOH and the two expansion packs, Spearhead and Breakthrough. MOH was first released in 2002. There is a Linux installer , released by Iculus, for the game, but it is for the original version and is a beta release. The libraries it needs are not available in a modern Linux. There is a standalone Linux binary available here . To use it, install the game on a Windows computer, patch it up to the latest level and then copy the installed game to a Linux computer. Place this downloaded archive in the root of the MOH directory and launch the game with ./mohaa_lnx . An attempt to use Crossover 16 to install the game failed as it was not possible to switch to the second DVD disc. There is a possible solution to this by creating a single DVD installation disk for MOH:AA. This process is described here . Reminder:   DVD5 = 4.70 GB DVD9 = 7.95 GB Better yet would be to create a single DVD that would encompass the original MOH:AA along