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Better Font Viewing for Firefox, Gtk, KDE, Linux

The best font-viewing experience occurs when the patented (by Apple) Bytecode Interpreter is enabled. Due to licensing restrictions until May 2010, it's not possible for many distros to ship it enabled, but it is perfectly permissible for you as an individual to enable it and use it. Since May 2010 , distros have been enabling it by default Better fonts also help. Install the webcore fonts from here which include the Tahoma and Veranda fonts that were specifically designed to look good in browsers. There are FireFox tweaks that help it look better by changing these values in about:config, or by directly editing your prefs.js file . For better rendering of fonts: user_pref("font.FreeType2.autohinted", true);   user_pref("font.FreeType2.enable", true);   user_pref("font.FreeType2.printing", true);   user_pref("font.FreeType2.unhinted", true); user_pref("font.freetype2.shared-library","");