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Recover Deleted files from a FAT12 Floppy Disk

While cleaning and re-arranging a closet, I came across several boxes of ancient 1.44MB floppy disks, some of which were labeled indicating they contained pictures I had taken using a now-ancient Sony Mavica digital camera (which I still have). I also have a Mitsumi D353FUE USB floppy drive I purchased years ago when floppy drives became old-fashioned.

I wanted to save all the images to my hard drive, but what a labor-intensive task that started to be. The Mitsumi drive was showing a /dev/sdk (there are no partitions on a FAT12-formatted floppy disk), so I wrote a simple script.

# copy jpeg files from floppy disks

sudo mount /dev/sdk /home/hoyt/floppy

ls /home/hoyt/floppy && echo "NOW COPYING FILES"

sudo cp -p /home/hoyt/floppy/* 
/home/hoyt/OLD_PICTURES &&

sudo chmod +rw /home/hoyt/OLD_PICTURES/*

sudo umount /dev/sdk

rm -f /home/hoyt/OLD_PICTURES/*.411 && rm -f /home/hoyt/OLD_PICTURES/*.HTM

echo "NEXT DISK"

One featur…