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Installing Dropbox on Mageia Linux

Dropbox is a commercial cloud-based online file storage service. A Basic account provides 2GB of space at no charge. To begin installing Dropbox, go to their website and create an account. Step 1.  On your computer, install the Dropbox package. $ sudo urpmi dropbox This installs the Dopbox files and installs wget (if not already installed). Step 2. Begin the Dropbox installation by downloading and installing the proprietary daemon. $ dropbox start -i After the daemon downloads, Dropbox will open a web browser to the Dropbox login page. Step 3. Using your account information, you may log in. Dropbox will now take you to your personal Dropbox page and create the directory ~/Dropbox on your computer and open your file manager to that directory. Now, close all the open Dropbox windows. Step 4. Make Dropbox run automatically when you log in. $ dropbox autostart y If you don't want it to run automatically, you can use the start and stop commands from the command l