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nail, mailx, and Gmail

UPDATED 2017-11-11 I'm setting up a web server for my business and I need to email error messages and notifications to myself so I can keep track of things, but I don't have a sendmail or postfix installation for my domain and DO NOT want to futz with that since it's just overkill for what I need. Thankfully, a minimal mail user agent is installed with Mageia (and likely in many more variants of Linux as part of their base package) called mailx (this was formerly called nail , which explains the names of a few files). The system-wide configuration file is located at /etc/nail.rc . Each user can have a ~/.nailrc file, but since my server is running headless, I put everything in /etc/nail.rc . As well, you can put per-user modifications in the more common ~/.mailrc . There seems to be a general problem for people getting mailx to work with Gmail. Here's what I did: 1. Make sure that POP is enabled in your Gmail Settings. 2. Add the following to /etc/nail