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FFMPEG-0.5 Compile for Mandriva 2009.0

As you may be aware, ffmpeg now is at version 0.5

Since an updated RPM package is not yet available, I decided to compile ffmpeg-0.5 on my Mandriva 2009.0 system to support all available codecs and optimize the binary for speed.

A number of ffmpeg codec options are disabled by default because of copyright/patent issues making them not re-distributable. But as an individual, we can enable them and break no laws as long as we do not provide copies of the binaries to others. Sources for the non-free codecs are available to be built manually, but all are available for Mandriva from PLF.

The ffmpeg source code is here.

After unpacking the source code archive, do a quick ./configure and you'll see the potential available codecs and other options by looking at the file. You'll need to install all the libraries (plus the *-devel stuff) to compile ffmpeg. Looking at config.err was very useful in determining what problems I had during the attempts at compiling.

I used (all on one line)…