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Call of Duty on Modern Linux

What a pain in the ass to install using Crossover from the two-CD version, and by pain in the ass I mean it won't install at all. Call of Duty , a first person shooter released in 2003, spawned an entire franchise of COD games that persist to this day. Installing using Codeweaver's Crossover should be easy, but it's not. COD: United Offensive is an expansion pack for COD and the COD game must be installed before COD:UO can be installed. Crossover expects you to install the game through Steam, which works. I own the original discs and shouldn't have to pay for it again, but the copy-protection method keeps it from installing. As I understand it, the third step of the install where you must re-insert the first CD causes a Windows registry entry to be written that the game looks for to verify it was "installed". Without this entry, the game will not run. I found some info about registry entries for COD2 here . Maybe they can be applied to COD. And there

Doom for Modern Linux

DOOM was released in 1993 and is considered a pioneer in 3D gaming. Previous games from id Software were 2D. While the original game might be playable in DosBox, there are more modern ports of the game engine with greater stability and offer wide platform support. One of the ports,  prboom , is available for Mageia Linux (and MS-Windows and many other platforms). Based on the release of the original source code; it uses the SDl library. prboom is one of those rare Linux things that has been fixed enough that everything works. It offers a true-to-the-original gameplay rather than updating the game with modern features like ZDoom , EDGE , and Eternity Engine . GZDoom offers OpenGL support. The prboom engine emulates the different games engines from the different versions of DOOM providing an authentic retro experience; it is also compatible with the demo version of DOOM. To install in Mageia: $ sudo urpmi prboom  installs the game in /usr/games and when run the first time wit