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Wolfenstein:ET for Modern Linux

Linux Version (The WINE version is here .) Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is an interesting first-person shooter. Trying to capitalize on their success with the online part of Return to Castle Wolfenstien, they developed an online component for RtCW and farmed out the single-player mode. Turns out, the SP mode sucked , so they ditched that and gave away the online game. The Game's PAK files remained proprietary (as always) and they released the source code for the game engine. The original release had a Linux version as well as Mac and Windows version and can still be downloaded from SplashDamage . The problem with the Linux version is that Linux changed sound subsystems (OSS, ALSA, PULSEAUDIO) and the sound component of the game is no longer compatible with a modern Linux. Never fear, several kind souls have updated the Linux binaries in two versions: ET-Legacy which tries to keep true to the original game and ETXreal, which modified the format for the game's maps and