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Creating a Custom Mageia Repository

As extensive as the Mageia RPM package repositories are, they don't include every application possible and it makes sense to create a local repository of these additional RPMs since I have several Mageia workstations. Using a remote workstation running lighttpd that acts as a webserver for a car club, it is also configured to allow each user to use ~/public_html as their personal webserver, and so added mageia as a user and will host the custom RPM files there. Configuration for lighttpd can be found here . There must also be a way for urpmi to know what files are available, so install repoctl which includes the application genhdlists . There is also a stand-alone application, genhdlists2 that accomplishes the same thing and that's what was used here. $ cd /home/mageia/public_html $ genhdlists . If you also use yum of dnf , install mrepo to accomplish the same thing. Add a Local Repository To add the new http repository, use urpmi.addmedia.  For example,