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DOSBox for Mageia Linux

 Mageia7 does provide a pre-compiled package for DOSBox, but does not provide any graphical frontend for it. Since DOSBox may typically need special configurations for specific application, a GUI frontend is handy for managing these configuration files. DBoxFE is available; version dated 21 September 2007 is the most current. Both  32-bit and 64-bit RPM packages are available as well as a win32 version . This installs on Mageia7 with only a warning about the package being unsigned. When launched, the following screen displays. You must create a Profile (here named "Basic") and also provide the path to the dosbox executable (  /usr/bin/dosbox , in the Preferences tab). The named configuration files are kept at ~/.dboxfe Once configured, select the appropriate profile and click Start. But what about configuring DOSBox itself? The default configuration file is found at ~.dosbox/ and named dosbox-0.74.conf . It is well commented and provides a set of sane defaults. Add