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Install Codeweaver's Crossover on Mageia Linux, Updated for Version 23.6 and for Mageia9

I have used Codeweaver's Crossover product since it was originally offered. Sadly, I install it on one of Codeweaver's unsupported distros, Mageia. This is, of course the successor distro to Mandrake and Mandriva. Mageia uses the RPM packaging manager and provides two wrappers, their own urpmi and dnf ("Dandified YUM"). The RPM package provided by Codeweaver's installs almost perfectly because, distros being what they are, certain necessary packages are not named consistently from distro to distro. For Mageia, and many others, the two important packages are mentioned in an xmessage window as: Could not install some Unix packages Some errors may prevent CrossOver Linux from working correctly: * Could not load the GTK+ Python modules. * Missing 32bit library You may be able to fix some issues by running one of the following commands as root: Arch Linux (32 bits)    pacman -Syu nss-mdns pygtk Arch Linux (64 bits)    pacman -Syu pygtk D