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Using a PS3 game Controller with Linux

I have been a mouse and keyboard PC game player ever since my Doom days way back in the 90s. Around 2007, I was introduced to the Sony PS3 and found it more convenient to play games on the console. Lately, I have been resurrecting all my old games which, of course, work well with a keyboard and mouse, but I have enjoyed using the controller. To me, the controller created a more immersive experience. Being able to do that, as always, takes several steps.

First I needed to have my Mageia6 OS receive information from the PS3 controller. By default, modern Linux use a evdev driver and will auto-magically detect the controller. Useful manipulation of the PS3 controller buttons and joysticks can done with xboxdrv, but Mageia does not provide that. The package from Fedora will work just fine.

Second, I need a way to map the gamepad-generated information to the appropriate mouse and keyboard keypresses to be what the game needed. I've seen where some newer games accommodate gamepads, but …