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Booting ISO Images in Mageia Linux

Years ago, I used GRUB and memdisk to boot directly from ISO images I kept in /boot/. Things like SpinRite, F4UBD, PLPBT and so on. It was pretty straightforward on 32-bit Linux using GRUB. Then GRUB2 came along and I found it frustrating. What made it even worse was that much of what I found on the Internet was specific to Ubuntu and the non-standard way in which Ubuntu implements things. As well, for the Ubuntu crowd, solutions were presented as recipes, so copy-paste ruled the day without any explanation as to why certain settings were chosen and what options were available. In other words, it was difficult to translate these "solutions" to anything but Ubuntu Linux. For Mageia, it is helpful to know what the distro uses as the default directories. Mageia provides the following file: # /etc/grub-customizer/grub.cfg # Configuration file for grub-customizer #(not to be confused with grub.cfg for grub2) #Command name changes for Mageia.MKCONFIG_CMD=grub2-mkconfig INSTALL_CMD