Saturday, March 07, 2009

Using Linux for MS Windows Anti-Virus Removal

Here's an amusing way to tell someone, essentially, to RTFM.

I saw this link in a Slashdot story about malware and virus removal, but the offered link was identified as a Linux solution.

Anyway, it's easy to see how the URL is crafted, so now you can pimp slap someone who should have Googled it in the first place.

And lmgtfy stands for "Let Me Google That For You" in case you missed the joke.


BTW, the Linux solution would be a LiveCD version of Knoppix using BitDefender.

Here's the main site.

And the link to the RPM and DEB downloads.

And the link to the current LiveCD. The MD5SUM of the ISo image is 2404d4abeb23532ef842d940ccc3aeaa.

Of course, you could build your own LiveCD.

But even better, use TRK,  the Trinity Rescue Kit, a bootable Linux CD that offers several virus scanners as well as Windows cleaning, password and rescue utilities plus a Linux distro with ssh, file-sharing, backup and OS installation utilities. I use it regularly.

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