Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault on Modern Linux

Installation using Codeweavers Crossover from the DVD version found no problems for the installation or running the game. Of course, the DVD must be in the drive due to SafeDisc v3 DRM.  You can avoid that hassle and get a no-cd version of the game executable from The game played without any issues (36FPS), but became unplayable (12FPS) after installing the v1.2 patch, so don't install it.

I also installed, again using Codeweavers Crossover, the version which is very useful considering that this version of the game is DRM free. However, I received error messages during the install:  "Runtime Error (at 181:806): Out Of Stack Range" and "Out of Global Vars range" messages. Still, the game launched, so I'm guessing that the errors were  from the GOG game installer, not the game itself. Even though the game would install and run, it was very slow (12FPS) which is due to the version of the game engine that GOG installs being the problematic version 1.2.

Saved games are kept at %USERPROFILE%\Documents\EA Games\Medal of Honor Pacific Assault\ and saved games can be obtained from several places on the Internet if you have already played the game and want to jump around to different missions.

The games requires Windows XP, Direct3D version 9.0c and Version 1.1 or 2 shader model support, so most modern systems and video cards are well in excess of the game requirements.

To enable cheats, look here to enable the console. And to enter the cheats in the console, see the list here or here.

There are mods available here, here, and a hires texture mod here as well as other sites. However, the high texture mod caused my gameplay to be sluggish with low FPS.

The multiplayer master server was shut down prior to 2012. So much for on-line play . . .


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