Thursday, July 06, 2017

Unreal Gold for Modern Linux

Unreal is the first in a series of first-person shooters released by EPIC in 1998, It was followed by and add-on named "Return to Na-pali" The two games were combined into "Unreal Gold" and modified to run on the more modern Unreal Tournament" game engine. The Windows version of the game is available form GOG for $9.99 and free of any Digital Rights Management restrictions. For my money, this is the best place to obtain the game. all four games in the series are available, often at a discount when purchased together.

There are Linux installers available from Loki, but these are getting old and difficult to use.

The game installs well using PlayOnLinux, which is a handy way of installing the game using WINE and specially crafted installation scripts which not only select the best version of WINE to use, but also install any Windows apps that the game requires to run, like DirectX. The game plays well using WINE, so there is no reason not to use it. It also makes the updates, map packs, and mods much easier to install. GOG also has an active support community with discussions centered around each game that provide much information and assistance. One very big benefit of having a GOG account is that PlayOnLinux can be used to download any games you have purchased as part of the POL installation process. Very handy.

Installation using POL is quick and straightforward. Before we make any changes, launch the game and set the controls and video settings to you liking.


Unreal Gold at Good Old Games

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