Thursday, July 06, 2017

Quake for Modern Linux

There is a Linux Quake HOWTO written by Stevenuas that is extensive and should be your first stop. It provides guidance on how to run mods and fix problems. There is also an interesting Wikipedia page. It is quite amazing to me that this game was released in 1996 as the successor to id's Doom series. I've played it ever since the release. It has quite a following.

Since id Software released the source code for the Quake game engine, there have been several projects that have attempted to make not only a better playing game, but a better looking game.

There are several different game engines and hi-res packs to choose from. What I'm presenting here is how I configure Quake on my Linux box.

The game engine I chose is the DarkPlaces game engine built by LordHavoc. He last updated it in May of 2014 and his package provides binaries "for Windows (32bit, compatible with Windows XP/Vista x64/7 x64), Linux 686, Linux amd64, and Mac OS X 10.4 or above (Intel/PowerPC), and source code compatible with Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD".

The way idSoft created this game (and their other games) is to have separate game engine and data files. They typically released a shareware version of the game files containing one map. To run the complete original game, you must own the original games files named pak1.pak and pak0.pak. The Quake HOWTO above explains the process of extracting them from your original game CD. The game itself can be purchased from Amazon, eBay, or STEAM. There is no special code or password to unlock, run or install the game.

LordHavoc also provides links to Quake art enhancements which are simply the original game textures redone to high resolution. I use Rygel's 2.7GB ultra pack which makes the game look spectacular.

For Linux use, created the folder for the Quake game engine files.

# mkdir -p /usr/local/games/quake/id1

The game engine reside in /usr/local/games/quake, and the *.pak files plus the decompressed hi-res files belong in /id1

You should create shell script /usr/local/bin. What that does is set up Linux to use the sounds in the game. This is the BASH script I use.


/usr/local/game/quake/darkplaces-linux-x86_64-glx -basedir /usr/local/game/quake/ 

Running the game for the first time should also create a .id1 directory in your home directory. This is a much easier place to put mods and maps, leaving the pristine game files in /usr/local/games/quake. If something becomes a problem, it's easier to undo.

Read the Quake HOWTO for details and for guides to fixing problems. The HOWTO also provides plenty of information about how to use user-made maps and other mods, some of which can be quite fun.


Linux Quake HOWTO

Quake Wikipedia

Download for the Shareware Episode

Download for DarkPlaces Game Engine

Download for Rygel Hi-res Textures

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