Thursday, July 06, 2017

Quake3 for Modern Linux

Quake3 Arena is a multiplayer online first-person shooter released in 1999. There is a Quake3 HOWTO written by Jonathan Bergknoff that should be your first stop for a general overview. It should be your first stop because even though dated, it provides useful details on how to launch mods and fix problems. There is also an interesting Wikipedia page for Quake2.

It is quite amazing to me that this game was released way back in 1999 as the third installment to ID's Quake series. I've played it ever since the release; it has quite a following.

Since id Software released the source code for the Quake3 game engine, there have been several projects that have attempted to make not only a better playing game, but a better looking game.

You need a valid key to play Quake3, so if you don't already own the game, purchase the Windows version of the game from STEAM or Amazon to obtain the key code.

There are several different game engines and hi-res packs to choose from. What I'm presenting here is how I configure Quake3 on my Linux box.

The game engine I chose is the ioquake3 game engine because that version is provided by my Linux distro, Mageia6.

When first run, ioquake3 will ask for your key. It will also create .q3a in your home directory, a convenient location to place your mods and maps.

There are also several free games using the ioquake3 engine.


Quake3 HOWTO

Quake3 Wikipedia Page


Quake3 Hi-res Textures from artist Paul Marshall

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