Thursday, July 06, 2017

Quake2 for Modern Linux

There is a Quake2 HOWTO written by Bob Zimbinsky that should be your first stop. It should be your first stop because even though dated, it provides useful details on how to launch mods and fix problems. There is also an interesting Wikipedia page for Quake2.

It is quite amazing to me that this game was released way back in 1997 as the second installment to ID's Quake series. I've played it ever since the release; it has quite a following.

Since id Software released the source code for the Quake2 game engine, there have been several projects that have attempted to make not only a better playing game, but a better looking game.

There are several different game engines and hi-res packs to choose from. What I'm presenting here is how I configure Quake on my Linux box.

The game itself can be purchased from Amazon, eBay, or STEAM. There is no special code or password to unlock, run or install the game.

The game engine I chose is the Yamagi Quake2 Engine. It features numerous improvements in the engine while retaining the same gameplay experience. "Yamagi Quake II is supported on FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, OpenBSD and Windows (XP or higher). Porting to other (POSIX compliant) systems should be easy. The current version was released in June, 2017.

From the Yamagi HOWTO:
"The easiest way to to install a full version of Quake2 is to extract the files from the patch. It's just a self-extracting zip file. For Linux, remove all the .dll and .exe files. Copy the pak0.pak file and the video/ sub-directory from your Quake II distribution (CD, Steam download, etc) into the baseq2/ sub-directory of the extracted patch."

To use the demo version, get the demo version from Yamagi and follow the same steps.

Those steps are not necessary for me because the Linux Distribution I use, Mageia6, provides a pre-configured package fro me to install. It is important to install the update by running # ioquake3-update.

It is important that the games binaries are only owned by root with permissions of 700 or the game won't run.

On first start, a .yq2 directory will be created in your home directory. Yo can easily place mods and maps there.

Quake2 has gotten on updated look with 32-bit textures from the original 16-bit textures. Hi-res textures can be downloaded from ModDB here and placed in ~/home/.yq2.base2. It looks spectacular.


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